Introducing Club ID & PIN

What's all this Club ID & PIN about?

We’ve introduced a Club ID and PIN so, when you click on the project you would like to access, you will now be prompted to enter these.

Registered volunteers and clubs hosts will use the Club ID and PIN, which can also be shared with Code Club members to use in club time and at home as well.

If you are not registered with Code Club, but you want to take a look at our materials, you can see the first two projects in each course without logging in.

Why a Club ID & PIN?

The Club ID and PIN helps us to measure our impact and identify where we can make even more improvements to the projects in the future, which will ensure that we continue to create high quality materials for our clubs to use.

Registered UK Code Clubs

If you are a registered UK Code Club then you can find your Club ID & PIN via your Club Hub Page on

Code Clubs outside the UK

If you run a club outside of the UK, please visit