Python is a widely used, general purpose, text-based programming language.

What's Python?

Python Module 1

Project 1

About Me

Write and create pictures about yourself.

Project 2

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Create your own 'Rock, Paper Scissors' game.

Project 3

Turtle Race!

Race turtles against eachother!

Project 4

Team Chooser

Make a program to split players into 2 random teams.

Project 5

Colourful Creations

Create your own custom colours, and use them to create a colourful poster.

Project 6

Secret Messages

Make your own encryption program, to send and receive secret messages.

Python Module 2

Project 1

Modern Art

Code your own computer-generated modern art.

Project 2

Popular Pets

Create pie charts and bar graphs from data you collect.

Project 3


Design and code your own RPG maze game.

Project 4

Where is the Space Station?

Plot the exact location of the ISS.

Project 5


Create a database of robots and play Robo-Trumps with a friend!

Project 6


Design and code improvements to a 2D version of Minecraft.

Additional Projects

Project 1

Password Generator

Create your own passwords that no one will be able to guess!

Project 2

Moonhack Python 2017

Moonhack Python 2017!

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