Moonhack 2017 — Notes for Club Leaders


In this project, children will learn how to make a program that uses variables, inputs, conditionals and lists.

Online Resources

This project uses Python 3. We recommend using trinket to write Python online. This project contains the following Trinkets:

There is also a trinket containing the completed project:

Offline Resources

This project can be completed offline if preferred. If students are to complete this project offline, the instructor must print the directions and provide the starter code (below) to students before getting started

  • project-resources/moonhack-python-17/

You can also find a completed version of this project in the ‘Volunteer Resources’ section, which contains:

  • volunteer-resources/moonhack-python-17-finished/

Learning Objectives

  • Variables;
  • Selection (if, else);
  • Input;
  • Lists.


  • “More items” - Increase the length of the list for added difficulty.
  • “Wrong item” - Return a statement that tells the user why the item they chose is not the correct one for their journey.