Turtle Race — Volunteer Notes


This project introduces for loops through a fun turtle race game. Loops are used to draw the race track and to make the turtles move a random number of steps each turn. A group of children can each pick a turtle, the one that gets the furthest is the winner.

Online Resources

This project uses Python 3. We recommend using trinket to write Python online. This project contains the following Trinkets:

There is also a trinket containing a sample solution to the challenges:

Offline Resources

This project can be completed offline if preferred. You can access the project resources by clicking the ‘Project Materials’ link for this project. This link contains a ‘Project Resources’ section, which includes resources that children will need to complete this project offline. Make sure that each child has access to a copy of these resources. This section includes the following files:

  • turtle-race/turtle-race.py

You can also find a completed version of this project’s challenges in the ‘Volunteer Resources’ section, which contains:

  • turtle-race-finished/turtle-race.py

(All of the resources above are also downloadable as project and volunteer .zip files.)

Learning Objectives

  • For loops;
  • Random;
  • Python turtle graphics

This project covers elements from the following strands of the Raspberry Pi Digital Making Curriculum:


  • More lines - changing the number of times a loop repeats;
  • Race times - adding more turtles, includes adding code inside a loop;
  • Do a twirl - make turtles spin round at the start by writing new for loops;
  • Dashed lines - change solid lines into dashed lines, requires a nested loop.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Children may need reminding about the colon : at the end of a for, it’s easy to omit.
  • Incorrect indentation is a common problem when writing loops.
  • Children may need reminding that there shouldn’t be a space in the code forward(100).
  • Children should make sure that they write ‘color’ and ‘center’ using the American spelling.