Using a physical Sense HAT

Using a Physical Sense HAT and Raspberry Pi

To use a Physical Sense HAT you will also need a Raspberry Pi computer with an SD Card, power supply and peripherals.

The Sense HAT slots on to the Raspberry Pi expansion header, and attaches using standoffs and small screws. It’s important that you use the standoffs to secure the Sense HAT so that it’s stable.

Follow the Sense HAT set up instructions to get your Raspberry Pi ready to work with the Sense HAT.

If you want to complete projects that use the magnetometer then you’ll need to follow the calibration instructions.

Note that even if you have a physical Sense HAT you may still find it useful to use the emulator to test for different environmental conditions, such as high temperatures.

Safety: When using a physical Sense HAT it is important to read the safety instructions that are included with the device and explain them to children.

Using Python Offline

Projects can be created and run on the Raspberry Pi using the Python IDLE editor. Code Club projects use Python 3 so be careful to select the Python 3 version of IDLE.

See Using Python Offline for general infomation using Python offline.

Moving from Trinket to a Physical Sense HAT

You can download a Trinket Sense HAT project to run it on a Raspberry Pi with a Sense HAT. This option works well if you only have a small number of physical Sense HATs but want a larger group to work through the projects.

Make sure your Sense HAT is attached to your Raspberry Pi.

If your Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet then you can download direct from Trinket. Otherwise you can download from a PC and transfer the file using a USB drive.

In Trinket, choose Download from the menu. This will download a zip file containing the project to your Downloads directory.

Copy the zip file to a suitable location on the Raspberry Pi and unzip it, you should find a file called and other resources used by your project.

Run Python 3 IDLE and open You can run it from the menu or by pressing F5 on the keyboard.