Countdown to Space Mission

Countdown to Space Mission

From Monday 30th November 2015 we ran two weeks of space-themed celebrations as Code Club counted down to the launch of the rockets which took British Astronaut Tim Peake, and some fantastic Astro-Pi experiments, into the stratosphere and beyond to join the International Space Station.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation ran the “Astro-Pi” competition, which gave children in the UK the chance to devise coding and computer science experiments for Tim Peake to run aboard the ISS.

The competition winners, which included one of our very own Star Clubs, were announced in July 2015, and on 3rd December 2015, their experiments were launched to the ISS and put into action for a number of weeks. Sending code created by kids, including some from one of our Code Clubs, is something we wanted to celebrate.

Tim Peake completed his mission, including running children’s code on Astro Pi computers, and then returned safely to Earth on 18 June 2016.

The Code Club Space Mission projects are still available to complete.