Creating Trinket Accounts

Trinket Accounts

Trinket can be used without an account. Projects are automatically saved online and can be accessed in Code Club or at home from a link.

A Trinket account makes it easy to find all of your projects and to make updates to projects. Without an account you need to keep track of urls for individual projects and a new url will be created each time a project is modified.

Creating Trinket Accounts

Note that parental permission is required to create accounts for children under 13. Code Club recommends that Trinket accounts, if used, are created by the Host or by parents.

If the Host creates accounts then it’s easier to deal with forgotten usernames and passwords during a Code Club session but they will also have this responsibility outside of Code Club. The Host would also be the contact point for any account misuse incidents.

Creating Multiple Trinket Accounts

It is possible for the Host to create multiple Trinket accounts with a single gmail email address. If a Host uses the email address [email protected] then email addresses of the form [email protected] can also be used to create Trinket accounts.