Introduction to Trinket

What is Trinket?

When completing our HTML & CSS and Python projects, we recommend using Trinket to write and run code online.

There’s no software to install to use Trinket as it runs in a web browser.

Try out Trinket at your Venue before beginning a course. If you have any problems please see the Trinket FAQ.

It’s important to understand that Trinket creates public web pages and projects that can be viewed by anyone with a link. Children may need a reminder about the importance of not sharing personal information online.

Using Trinket

Trinket is available online at For Code Club projects children will be given a short url to open either an empty project or a starter project containing resources.

Please see Intro to HTML & CSS and Intro to Python for more information on using Trinket for those courses.

Saving Trinkets

Trinket accounts make it easier to keep track of projects and make updates to a project. Please note that parental permission is required for Trinket accounts for under 13s, see our Trinket Accounts page for more information.

Trinket can also be used without needing to create accounts. To save work you can ‘Share’ to get a link that can be used to view to the project. Note that each time you change a project you will get a new link.

If children don’t have accounts then we recommend keeping track of links to their Trinkets in a document so that it’s easy to return to them.