Boat Race — Volunteer Notes


In this project, children will learn how sprites can sense their environment.


For this project, Scratch 2 should be used. Scratch 2 can either be used online at or can be downloaded from and used offline.

The ‘Project Materials’ link for this project contains the following resources:

Volunteer Resources

You can find a completed version of this project online, or it can be downloaded by clicking the ‘Project Materials’ link for this project, which contains:

  • BoatRace.sb2

Project Resources

For this project, club members can make use of external resources that aren’t available in the Scratch library:

  • boat.png.

Make sure that each child has access to a copy of these resources.

For club members that aren’t able to access these project resources, there is a Scratch project with the external resources pre-loaded. This is available online at, or in the downloadable project materials, which contains:

  • BoatRaceResources.sb2

Learning Objectives

  • Sensing blocks:
    • key ... pressed? {.blocksensing};
    • distance to mouse pointer {.blocksensing};
    • touching color ... {.blocksensing}.

This project covers elements from the following strands of the Raspberry Pi Digital Making Curriculum:


  • “Winning!” - use of touching color ... {.blocksensing} block;
  • “Sound effects” - adding sound and music to the game;
  • “More obstacles!” - consolidating learning of sensing blocks;
  • “More boats!” - use of key ... pressed? {.blocksensing} blocks;
  • “More levels!” - additional player-controlled backdrops.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is the first project in which much less step-by-step guidance is given. Use this as an opportunity to consolidate learning, and to start drawing on knowledge learnt in this and previous projects.

    For example, if children need help adding sound effects and music to their game, remind them of the work they did in the ‘Rock Band’ project. Encourage children to go back and look at the previous project notes for guidance.

  • There is currently a bug in Scratch which causes the boat to travel in a straight line, rather than towards the mouse pointer.

    This can be fixed by re-selecting the ‘mouse-pointer’ option in the point towards {.blockmotion} block.