ChatBot — Volunteer Notes


In this project, children will learn how to use ‘if’ statements to make decisions in their programs.


For this project, Scratch 2 should be used. Scratch 2 can either be used online at or can be downloaded from and used offline.

You can find a completed version of this project online, or it can be downloaded by clicking the ‘Project Materials’ link for this project, which contains:

  • ChatBot.sb2

Learning Objectives

  • Text input;
  • Decisions:
    • if ... then statements;
    • if ... then ... else statements.

This project covers elements from the following strands of the Raspberry Pi Digital Making Curriculum:


  • “More questions” - consolidating learning of input and the answer block;
  • “More decisions” - using decisions;
  • “Make your own chatbot” - consolidation of learning from this and past projects.